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Maximizing Your Income
• 80% of total earnings payout - Paid in USD!
• Monthly webcam contests bonuses available!
• 10% ongoing commissions for referring other models (paid by us).
• Affiliate income!
• No costs to you for anything!
• One of the highest payouts and earning potential in the industry!
Our Network
• Work directly with one of the largest networks in the world!
o 2000+ Websites
o 500 Million+ Visitors/month
o 10 Million+ Registered users
o 10 Million+ social media network
• No followers necessary, we help provide you with customers.
• We handle marketing, advertising, and promotion so you benefit from a larger audience and customer following – resulting in higher earnings!
Training and Mentorship
• No experience required - we (CWM management and models) provide full training and tech support, within minutes/hours, to all internet models via phone, text, and email.
• Tips, and do's and don't's: we have monthly communication with networks which allows us to know the trends and what can also get a model suspended or terminated for violations.
• Once you are up and running and are established, we will provide you with toys and outfits – no charge!
• We are always here and available to lend a hand, provide any guidance and most importantly - listen to you!
Work From Anywhere
• Models work safely and securely in the privacy of their own homes.
• Work any time from anywhere on PC’s, smartphones, or tablets, it’s up to you!
Schedule Your Own Hours
• Select your own work schedule - open 24/7.
• Work fulltime or part time, no time obligations. You are in control!
Protect Your Privacy
• Block any city, province, or country from seeing your live shows and stay completely anonymous.
• Your public profile and your identity are separate, nobody can access your personal information.
• Your safety and your privacy are one of our primary concerns and very important to us!

“One of the best managed & fastest growing networks in Canada!”
Our Services
Ethical & Inclusive Management
Our approach to model management as an ongoing business partnership is unique, inclusive, and empowering. This business is dominated by women and CWM prioritizes the comfort, safety, security, and overall well-being of all our models. We ensure our models have complete oversight and final say on all their content and media and are not just comfortable but informed and enthusiastically consent every single step of the way!
Peer to Peer Mentoring & Community Networking
We represent many models across Canada! At CWM we have a reliable network of peers who can assist you with everything from technical support to guidance on how to be a successful webcam model!
Media, Marketing & Technical Guidance
We know social media can be tedious and overwhelming! Our media management team helps you create and maintain your social media presence. CWM is also here to provide all our models with as much technical/ social media support as our models need – 24/7!
Financial Portfolio & Affiliate Management
Our company is about supporting models in developing and growing your financial portfolio so that your income generates both while you are online and offline!